Chase Your Dreams Sticker

Chase Your Dreams Sticker

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This piece is about making your dreams come true. Believe that you can and you will. It took a solid 3 years and 15,000 hours to make a seven second dream turn into a lifetime of creating. In the process, I became timeless.

You have to value hard work just as you would value your own idea. Because after the dream you're left with two options. Stay sleeping, or work on achieving the unachievable. If it's hard, it's worth it. If it's easy it's not a dream.

Think big in a small minded world. They want you to fail, never give them the satisfaction. 

From yours truly, Kre8

- Gloss vinyl sticker
- Scratch and weather resistant
- 5" x 3"
- Option: Autographed by Kre8  

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