Throwback to 2015
Throwback to 2015
Throwback to 2015

Throwback to 2015

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This piece is about inspiration and formulating an identity. Dali inspired me to pick up the paintbrush, but my works looks nothing like his. That’s what inspiration is all about, lighting the fire from within. Because there will ever only be ONE Dali and there will only be ONE KRE8

We all know you need your own voice in the art world. Dali really lived in a reality that he created. That’s exactly what I’m doing, and showing everyone that’s it’s possible. They need to see the proof, and even when they see it first hand they will try to discredit it. Never give them the satisfaction.

You have to do something no one has done. Be yourself, have honor, take pride, and stand for something. If you don’t, you’ll fall for anything.

From yours truly, Kre8.

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