Meet the talented Miami-based artist, Kre8. Kre8 began fostering his artistic abilities at the age of fourteen, when he was introduced to graffiti. Throughout his twenties, Kre8 found himself favoring the work of Salvador Dali, who greatly influenced the man we now know as Kre8. Coming from a military family, Kre8 continuously found inspiration while traveling the world. His style has been influenced by the cultures of Denver, Germany, New Jersey, New York, and finally Miami. Over time Kre8 has developed a unique style which he named "Faceless," which incorporates graffiti, surrealism, realism, cubism, and abstract art into one. Kre8's "Faceless" style also was deeply inspired by Kre8's existentialist points of view about the world around him. In his work, Kre8 uses black and white to convey that the world exists in a shade of grey. Kre8 goes above and beyond to inspire the next generation to live empowered by their creativity. These values are the driving force that keep him working tirelessly to create masterpieces.

"We have become a reflection of what we think people want to see. There is no more truth in the world right now." - Kre8